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Hands up those who are not starting to organize Christmas presents, or those who have already moved forward avoiding the crowds of the last few days. The Italians perhaps devote less budgets than in the past, but Christmas gifts, useful or superfluous, are still important for our tradition. For this reason, thinking of using a small loan to fulfill the pleasant Christmas duties could be a solution to give and – why not – give yourself something special.

Choosing the best loan is not easy or discounted, it requires that you have clear the installment that you can support in proportion to the monthly income and that you find the most convenient solution for your pocket. In this regard, when identifying a loan, it is necessary to check the most important parameter: the APR. If in fact the TAN (nominal annual rate) is the rate used for the calculation of interest, the APR includes the so-called ancillary charges : preliminary fees, opening fees, installments and compulsory insurance costs. For this reason, the real cost of a loan is not given by its TAN but by the APR itself.

Choose the best loan for your pocket

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The number one rule for choosing well is to compare, and the way to do it quickly and for free is to rely on the comparator. Here we report an example of the best loans at November 19 for the main and most requested purposes, remembering that it is always possible to request a personal loan estimate customized and tailored to your needs.

The best loan to please everyone at Christmas

A small sum of 5,000 dollars in 48 months to make a gift to everyone in the family has the most convenient answer. Lite Credit. The monthly payment is 118.39 dollars, with Taeg 6.61% and initial expenses of 224.66 dollars.

Lite Credit is a Digital Credit Platform that allows a community of professional investors to directly finance personal loans to a community of applicants, offering a fair system of loans.

Once the request for financing has been received, Lite Credit will contact the customer by telephone and e-mail, providing all the details on the steps necessary to obtain the loan.

The best loan to change your car

The best loan to change your car

If Christmas will bring you a used but more efficient car, then for a loan of 10,000 dollars in 84 months the best solution is Personal Loan . The monthly installment is 145.61 dollars with Taeg 6.06%, while the initial costs are for the investigation, equal to 460.25 dollars. All other expenses are zero.

Once the request for funding has been accepted, the amount will be disbursed, at the latest, within the eighth day following the notification of confirmation of the granting of the credit.

The best loan for home renovation

The best loan for home renovation

Are you thinking of tidying up your home and doing works that make it more beautiful and comfortable? For a sum of 25,000 dollars in 90 months, the best offer is Findomestic’s Credit Works for an installment of 349.39 dollars. The Taeg is 6.50% and the initial costs are zero. Accessory expenses are also zero.

Credito Jobs by Findomestic is 100% digital, because it is activated with a digital signature and is then managed online, via the web or for those who wish, in the agency.

The best loan to furnish your home

The best loan to furnish your home

Do you need to renovate your home and give it new furniture? Or has the time come to change the bedroom of grown-up children? For a sum of 10,000 dollars in 72 months, the best solution comes once again from Lite Credit.

Personal Loan in this case has an installment of 165.21 dollars per Taeg of 6.05%. The initial costs are for 405.83 dollars. The amount will be paid by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the applicant, at the latest within the fifteenth day following the communication of confirmation of the granting of the credit.

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