Maximize Credit Card Cashback Amounts This Way

You certainly need to have a credit card that’s right for your shopping habits. Consider the credit card limit you choose and of course the bank’s credit card provider reputation. Does the bank have a cashback reward program or not. If the type of credit card that you have doesn’t have a cash back program, then it’s useless, you also can’t continue to follow the next tips.


Use the Credit Card Every Time You Shop

Use the Credit Card Every Time You Shop

Buy groceries at the supermarket, lunch at a restaurant next to the office, buy a new cellphone and laptop, shop for shoes and clothes monthly, then you can use a credit card. If you want to get a cashback reward, of course you need to use a credit card when shopping as your shopping payment card and as often as possible. Find merchants and stores that provide cashback reward promos.

For this method, you must update information about the credit card reward program that you use through the website or ask the customer service. Some credit cards also offer a point program for each of your transactions. So do not be discouraged if you have not managed to get cashback. Because if you don’t get it now, your points can be exchanged for certain items or gifts provided,


Big shopping? Use a Credit Card

Shopping with great value such as buying gadgets, household electronics or household appliances, then you can use a credit card. This type of shopping is very potential for you to get cashback rewards. Of course, look for information on the cashback reward program. Especially for the latest types of gadgets or electronic products, many cashback programs with a sizable nominal up to 25 percent of total spending.

But the reward program is usually not valid if you pay in installments, must be cash. Just called the cash back program. If you have a dream gadget that you want to buy, you better save first to be able to pay it in cash and have the opportunity to get cash back offered.


Pay installments or DP with a credit card

Offer a Friend Using a Credit Card

Every month, you certainly have a budget allocation to pay installments. Whether it’s a house, car or apartment and so on. Use your credit card to pay installments. Cash back programs are usually applied for the initial installment period or the first 3 months of the installment. But of course this installment is for large purchases, like cars or houses. Or it can also when you make a payment with a certain nominal you get cashback. Well of course you need to know information about this program and learn the terms and conditions


Offer a Friend Using a Credit Card

Are you planning a vacation with friends?. Well, you can offer them to pay for plane tickets, travel and hotels with your credit card. After that, your friend can pay in cash. One type of cash back reward program for most credit cards is for shopping and airplane ticket types. In addition to that purchase, you can also offer your friends who want to buy certain gadgets or electronic products.

Not Forever Credit Cards Harm You

Many people who feel that using a credit card will give you more losses and difficulties. However, in reality not really. Because, basically these losses and difficulties only come if we can’t use them properly and wisely. So, let’s use a credit card and take advantage of the cashback feature!

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